Meat and Egg CSA


Sign-ups are currently underway for our 2017 CSA season.


Community Supported Agriculture is a system in which consumers pay farmers ahead of time for food they will receive later, thus helping their farmers prepare for the year with some slow-season capital. In return, customers get a good price from the farmer, and a consistent stock of in-season products.

We offer two different CSA arrangements. Both are described below.

CSA signups keep the farm going during the cold season, providing the capital for farm maintenance and improvements during Winter months, and to buy livestock & necessary tools in the Spring before markets fire up. In exchange for the slow season capital & your early season commitment, you'll get a 10% discount from our prices on all of our meat products & eggs.

Mace Chasm Farm Meat & Egg Share Packages:

Stack them according to your household needs to create the structure of your share! We note your preferences initially & can update any time!

Mixed Cuts Subscriptions:

  This share packs a great variety in cuts and brings the opportunity to explore your cookbooks for new recipes or call upon old favorites. From chops, stir-fry and ground meats, to braising cuts, roasts, steaks, and sandwich meats - you’ll find yourself employing the grill, oven, and skillet throughout the season. We will note your household size so that we know what portions will work best - can accommodate single person households for any size. Cooking suggestions or recipes often accompany share. Includes cuts of pork, beef, poultry, and occasionally lamb. You are welcome to request that certain items be regularly included. We are happy to note your preferences in your share and whether there are certain meats that your household does not use. Our prices are discounted 10% in this share! 

There are four sizes of the Mixed Cuts Subscriptions available:

Small Mixed Cuts Subscription ~ $26/week: Average 3 lbs of meats per week, designed to provide for a couple of different family meals. 

Medium Mixed Cuts Subscription ~ $35/week: Average 4.5 lbs of meats per week, designed to provide for a several different family meals.

Large Mixed Cuts Subscription ~ $50/week: Average 6.5 lbs of meats per week. This share will provide nice variety for households w/ kids, larger households, or for those of you who like to include meat in meals daily.  

The Monthly Mini ~ $60/month: Delivered monthly: Designed for the smallest of households! 

The Broth Share ~ $10/week

     The health benefits of including Bone Broth in our diet are extensive – boosting our joint health, immune, nervous, and digestive systems, and speeding any healing we’re undertaking. Broth is also a pleasure to indulge in, as the base for our favorite soups or gravies, or for braising in. This share includes two quarts of quality bone broth per week, simmered for a night and a day, packed in quarts, and frozen for transport. Broth is great to have on hand, especially during winter months!

Half Broth Share ~ $5/week

One quart per week instead of two!

Sausage of the Week Share ~ $10/week

1 lb of our amazing sausages per week – often a pork sausage, sometimes a beef or lamb sausage, always using fresh herbs grown organically here on our farm. Some weeks sausage will be cased in links (great for frying, grilling, slicing & sautéing, etc.), and some weeks we’ll deliver loose sausage (great for patties, stuffing, sauces, and tacos, etc.). We use 100% organic spices, and sea salt is the only preservative in these fresh sausages. We don’t send flavors out to CSA shares that pack a lot of heat on the spicy-meter. These sausages are unique & delicious! If you don’t eat a certain type of meat, we can accommodate. 

Egg Share - $5/week

One dozen of our sunshiney, pastured eggs per week!


Breakfast Share ~ $20/week

 Bacon, Eggs, and Sausage! Our own delicious, nitrate-free, smoked, sliced bacon; one pound of our awesome sausages; and one dozen of our pastured, non-gmo, sunshiney eggs per week! Really can’t go wrong here.


Full Steak Lovers Share ~ $30/week

      There are so many awesome steaks! Try them all with this share; Rib Eye, Strip, Tenderloin Filet, Merlot, Bavette, Oyster, Denver, Flank, Flat Iron, Tri-tip, Sirloin, and so on. This share will provide a large  steak dinner for at least two or a couple of steak dinners for one per week. Our beef is 100% grass-fed – dry-aged for at least two weeks. 

Half Steak Lovers Share ~ $16/week

The same awesome variety as the Full Share; this share will provide a sizable steak dinner for one per week. Our beef is 100% grass-fed – dry-aged for at least two weeks.

To sign up for a Share Package, click here and follow the prompts. It takes about 5 minutes.

How it works;

     Each week we will bring your share to the pickup location nearest you, where you've arranged to pick up. If you live along one of our Delivery Routes,  we will drop your share to you directly, into a cooler on your porch or as instructed! You will be charged weekly, automatically, for the value of your shares through our online 'Debit-on-delivery system', so there is no big up front cost. For subscription totals of $25+/week, you will receive a 10% discount on all prices.

Some locations receive delivery every other week.

What works well about this model;

  • It is low-maintenance! Busy people often cannot make it to market or find time to place an online order, even if it is important to you to support your local farmers! This model ensures a delivery of our top-notch meats & eggs right to your door or pick-up location, and provides us farmers w/ much needed year-round support! 

  • You are welcome to customize these shares when you want something particular, or alternatively, to provide us w/ a template for your share delivery. We are happy to note whether there are particular meats, cuts, or flavors that your household does not eat, or if there are favorites.

  • If you are out of town, you can put your share on hold.

  • If you have company or need extras, you can add to your delivery via our online farm store.

2013-05-27 13.36.10.jpg

We also offer a 'credit based' CSA model.

This model works well for customers who come to markets or the butcher shop regularly, and prefer to choose from our weekly menu online or in person when you get around to it. A 10% bonus is added to your credit in exchange for this commitment. 

How it works when you pick up;

You have an account where you can view your credit balance and place orders through our online farm store, and where we'll note the value of what you picked out at market or in the Butcher Shop. We use 'Farmigo' software for tracking this. Your account also enables you to see our weekly menu, shows you your purchase history, and ensures that you'll get our Farm Notes.

What is nice about this model:

  • If you travel often, you can pick up from us according to your irregular schedule, but still receive the discount that a regular customer deserves!
  • You don't need to have cash in hand at our pick-up locations.

You decide what will be an appropriate Meat & Eggs budget for your household this season! It's easiest to estimate based on a relatively accurate weekly budget, and go from there. We ask that you pay by the end of May for the busy months of June-October to help us with Spring farm expenses! Deposits for November-April season can come in any time. Minimum deposits for Meat & Egg shares is $300, which breaks down to $16.50/week for eggs & meats including the 10% discount (if you pick up weekly June-October) - a budget that works well for single person households. For households who cook at home often or are 3+ people, we recommend a weekly budget or $40-50 for your proteins. 

 Signing Up;

Thank You!