Delivery Subscription

Plattsburgh Delivery Subscription

Subscribe to a regular delivery of our delicious & nutritious Meats & Eggs! 


Mutual Benefits!

For much of the year in our region it can be difficult to connect with your farmers to pick up groceries! By subscribing to share drop-offs, you continue to support us farmers beyond the brief window of outdoor market season, and you continue to have access to the awesome meats & eggs that we raise! 


Customized & Consistent Shares

Your share is designed by YOU! Let us know what sort of stuff you like or don't like - we keep running notes and pack accordingly.

Company coming? Holiday? You can easily add extra items to your delivery. Out of town? Just let us know & we'll put your share on hold til your return! 


No big up-front cost! 

We offer a secure, weekly debiting option for the cost of your share so that you don't have to budget for a large up-front payment.

To subscribe; e-mail us at