CSA Share Delivery

CSA Share Delivery / Pick-up

Subscribe to a regular delivery of our delicious & nutritious Meats & Eggs! 


Mutual Benefits!

For much of the year in our region it can be difficult enough to connect with your farmers to pick up groceries that it just doesn't happen regularly! By subscribing to share drop-offs, you continue to support us farmers beyond the brief window of outdoor market season, and you continue to have access to the awesome meats & eggs that we raise! 

  If you like to attend Summer markets, you can pick up there during the market season.


Customized & Consistent Shares

Your share is designed by YOU! Stack the share types we offer according to your preferences, and then let us know what sort of stuff you like or don't like! We keep running notes and we pack accordingly. You can pick exactly what you'll receive from our online menu when you want to, or we will pack according to your stated preferences. Company coming? Holiday? You can easily add extra items to your delivery. Out of town? Just let us know & we'll put your share on hold! 


No big up-front cost! 

We offer a secure, weekly debiting option for the cost of your share so that you don't have to budget for a large up-front payment. You have full-time access to those settings through your online CSA profile.