Custom Cut / Buying in Bulk

Custom Meats

Buying in bulk for your freezer is a great way for households to stock up on our quality Beef, Pork, or Poultry at a discount! E-mail us for scheduling and inquiries. We are available to help you fill out your cut sheet to ensure that you will get the products you love from your animal!


Half & Whole Pigs

Available October through June!  We offer the full variety of sausages, smoked meats, and cuts that we do in-house here at Mace Chasm Farm, and we will consult with you over your cut sheet as needed to help you make your selections! 

$4/lb Whole Pigs

$4.50/lb Half Pigs


Half, Quarter, Whole Beef! 

E-mail about availability & cut sheet! 100% Grass-fed Beef. Aged, cut, portioned, and packaged to your specifications!  We do offer some special options - for those Bacon Burger lovers out there, we can add our own in-house Bacon Ends to make that for you. We also offer Beef Stock packaged in quarts from your bones. 

Prices include basic cutting & packing;

Whole Animal - $5.25/lb

Half - $5.50

Quarter - $6

chicken tractors! .jpg


We raise two different breeds of chicken - one produces darker meat, and one more white meat. Both are raised the same way on pasture, moving daily, on a ration of (non-certified, organically grown) grains, and plenty of forage! We can part out and package the birds according to your preferences! For poultry orders over $100 you will receive a 10% discount - Whole Birds @ $4.50/lb, Parted out @ $5/lb.