The Farmers

Mace Chasm Farmers

Asa Thomas-Train

Asa grew up nearby, in Keene Valley. He loves Geography, Mountains, Fantasy Books, Black Metal, and a good Pie Crust. His background before MCF was in Trail Building, Dry Stone Masonry, GIS, and Vegetable Production. 

Courtney Grimes-Sutton

Court grew up in Central MA. She loves Swimming Holes, Costumes, Dance Parties, all four Seasons, and a good Noodle Soup. Her background before MCF was in Farming, Butchery, and Metalwork. 

Many thanks to the awesome work of farmers & butchers & friends & family who have lent a supporting hand throughout these startup years! We think of you often, as we remember the stories we've seen written on the landscape here in just a few short years. We look forward to the long view after many more years to come - each of you a part of Mace Chasm Farm forever!

From Farm Crews Past & Present; Our Thanks to Jesse Hadden, Marina,  Elizabeth, Tristan, Jesse G, Caroline Benatti, Tron, Jim L., Josh, Cam, Ray, Madeleine, Evy, Willie, Max, Evan, Sasha Pearl, Izzy, Finegan, Jason, Buck, Greg, Emily, Ryn, Gerhart, Courtney C., Bridget, Matt, Stechy, and Simon! 

Thanks to our wonderful neighbors who have intervened in various struggles at key moments throughout our time here to bring the kind of relief, support, and understanding that is the baseline of a good community.