Mace Chasm Farm & Butcher Shop


Specialty Sausages


Fresh Cuts & Smoked Meats



We are a diversified livestock operation in the Champlain Valley, rotationally grazing Devon Cattle, Katahdin Sheep, heritage Pigs, Turkeys, and Chickens. Our beef and sheep are 100% grass-fed, and our pigs, chickens & turkeys forage on pasture and receive rations of non-gmo grains.

 Each week here on the farm we prepare specialty sausages, smoked meats, and a variety of fresh cuts for weekly markets, pick-ups, or delivery. We now offer our own Salamis as well - something to throw in the pack as you head into the mountains.

Ph: 518-963-4169      810 Mace Chasm Rd, Keeseville, NY